Suggested Starting Equipment

The top question we're usually asked is what equipment we'd recommend for a beginner putting together their first kit. We're of the opinion that 90% of beginners will be able to accomplish most of their mowing with the following equipment:

Seymour No.8 Aluminum Snath -- If user is 5' 11" or less in height.
Seymour 30" Grass Blade -- Blade ground and honed, tang angle adjusted.
Jackdaw Polymer Whetstone Holder
BYXCO "Bull Thistle" American Scythe Stone

The following accessories are not essential, but are very useful and do not represent a large additional cost, and so are also highly recommended:

BYXCO "Arctic Fox" American Scythe Stone
Grinding Point For American Scythes
Scythe Wrench For Seymour Snaths

If you are 6' or taller, OR intend on sharing the snath between multiple users, we suggest you select our Longfellow snath instead. If sharing the snath with multiple users it is often helpful to install an additional nib so the positioning does not need to be moved each time a different person uses it. 

While we feel this kit provides the best foundational equipment for most beginning mowers and at the lowest possible price for optimum performance, please consider your use case when making your decision, and don't hesitate to contact us with a description of the context you're dealing with to get confirmation or a suggested alternative kit. We're always happy to help get folks started right!