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Jackdaw Polymer Whetstone Holder

Jackdaw Polymer Whetstone Holder

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A durable, versatile, and high-capacity whetstone holder made in the USA! Inspired by traditional German-style whetstone quivers ("Schleifsteinköcher") made of turned wood or soldered tin, these whetstone holder feature a spike on their underside that allows them to be stuck in the ground when taking a break from mowing. Unlike on traditional wooden model, the sturdy spike is removable! A beak-like tab on the HDPE polymer belt loop allows the user to lock the durable polypropylene cup in place securely when in use, while remaining easy to remove without having to undo your belt. To eliminate any rattling of the stones in use, a removable folded HDPE leaf spring keeps the stone(s) securely in position, while still allowing the water in the cup to wash the stone(s) clean. A true innovation in whetstone holders.

Please note that this is the holder only. The stone shown is for demonstration purposes and is sold separately.


Polypropylene Cup

HDPE Collar w/brass rivets

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Technical Information

Weight: 3.6oz

Cup Depth: 6 and 1/2"

Cup Mouth Diameter: 3"

Overall Length: 13 and 1/2" (Top of belt loop to bottom of spike.)

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