Links & Reading


Official Baryonyx Knife Co. Blog--Our official blog, collecting our writings and thoughts on edged tools and anything else we happen to find interesting!

Official Baryonyx Knife Co. Facebook Page--Our official Facebook page. Often the best way to stay up to date with the most recent news that may not warrant a full newsletter announcement.

Official Baryonyx Knife Co. YouTube Channel--Our official YouTube channel. Plenty to watch!

Educational Documents:

Basic Sharpening Guide--A simplified guide on basic knife sharpening that prints on a single sheet of paper.

American Scythe Guide--See "Scythes and Manual Mowing"

Homesteading and Sustainability

Scythes and Manual Mowing:

A Primer on the Selection, Use, and Maintenance of the American Scythe--Our self-authored guide on the subject. The only publicly available resource on the subject, to our knowledge!

The Scything Improvers Forum-- A group dedicated to sharing information regarding scythes and hand mowing of all kinds and styles. Post your tips and tricks and get answers to your burning questions! 

The Scythe Connection--The most comprehensive resource on the continental European pattern scythe, written by the incomparable Peter Vido. While we respectfully disagree with his low estimation of the American pattern scythe, his work developing the art of the European scythe has formed as the foundation or springboard for many mowers the world over. An excellent resource for those just getting introduced to scything, but be cautious not to take his teachings as gospel--especially regarding anything pertaining to the American pattern.

One Scythe Revolution--The best USA-based retailer of continental European scythes, run by our friend Botan Anderson. They are a great resource for procuring the continental pattern and its trappings. We have been working closely with them to arrive at a comprehensive document comparing and contrasting the design principles of Continental European and American scythes.

ScytheWorks--The best Canadian source for a Continental European scythe, run by Peter Vido's brother, Alexander.

Rabbitry Resources:

Bunny Rancher--Run by family of ours, and selling vital tools for efficient meat rabbit processing. Home of "The Ballista" spring-powered bolt gun for rabbit and poultry dispatch.

Rise and Shine Rabbitry--Friends of ours, and fellow meat rabbit breeders, Rise and Shine Rabbitry's blog is abound with information for those looking at getting into raising meat rabbits for the home table!