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Grinding Point For American Scythes

Grinding Point For American Scythes

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An affordable alternative to wet grinders for grinding the hard steel of American scythe blades, these grinding points are formulated specifically for use on thin sections of hardened, heat-sensitive steel. Just chuck it up in an electric drill or die grinder and grind at 7-9° per side (just above flat) to put a keen, crisp bevel back on your battered old blades.

Beveling only needs to be performed about 1-3 times per season, barring damage from impacts, and is done in just a few minutes when using one of these points. When a whetstone is no longer enough to get the blade effortlessly sweeping grass from the earth, give it a quick re-beveling to get the edge thinned out again. Made in the USA!

Do not exceed 16,100 rpm with 1/2" overhang. Wear eye protection.


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