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The Longfellow Snath

The Longfellow Snath

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An innovative single-nibbed snath of our own design, and made in the USA, the Longfellow Snath is an exceptional choice for tall users, or for scythes that will be shared between multiple users of greatly varying heights.

Rather than a nib for the left hand, an underhand hold is used on the upper portion of the shaft of the steam-bent ash snath, much like one would grasp a broom. The position of this grip point roughly corresponds with the height of the user's eye when standing upright, so as long as your ground-to-eye height is 77" or less, this snath will fit you!

Furthermore, changing the position of the nib will not change the required tang angle of the blade like it would on a conventional snath, and so while a tang angle of about 15° must still be set on the blade, multiple users may use the same blade and snath with only the need to change the position of a single nib. The absence of a taper to the shaft of the snath means that this process is fast and easy, making this an ideal snath for couples, children, group mowing classes, and work crews.

Outfitted with our exclusive North Star ring and heel plate, loose blades are a thing of the past. The vise-like action of the North Star ring holds the blade's tang securely in place, and can adjust its clamping position to accommodate tangs of different lengths. The teardrop shape of the holes in the North Star heel plate create a firm grip on the knob of the tang and allow for an adjustable hang to best match your blade, stroke, and mowing conditions.


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Overall Length: ~77"

Weight: 3lbs 3oz

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