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Upgraded Seymour Midwest No.8 Aluminum Snath

Upgraded Seymour Midwest No.8 Aluminum Snath

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A beautiful modern snath for an ancient tool, the Seymour Midwest No.8 snath is made of gleaming aluminum for a durable build while remaining so light that it "floats" in the hand. While not recommended for use on heavy brush, the No.8 is fully capable of tackling heavy grasses and weeds as well as woody stemmed plants (with sensibility.) See it in action removing tall reedy grasses!

These currently come from the factory with the nibs (side handles) cranked on too tight and the bolt that secures the heel plate installed "upside down". We use a heavily padded vise to loosen the nibs so that they may be properly adjusted by the user without undue difficulty, reinstall the heel plate bolt in the proper direction, and replace the factory nib blocks with our improved "crescent bite" nib blocks to prevent the nibs from slipping in use. When used with a fully erect stance, this snath will comfortably fit individuals up to 5ft 10.5in in height but may be comfortably used by taller individuals if a broad stance is used or if the left hand is used wholly on the grip rather than using a palm brace against the snath.

Made with pride in the USA!

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Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Wood, Plastic

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Weight: 2lb 2oz

Overall Length: 58"

Natural Lift: 35°

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