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Tramontina 12" Camp Machete -- "Grade B"

Tramontina 12" Camp Machete -- "Grade B"

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Tramontina machetes come from the factory with the scales not flush with the tang, an acceptable but unfinished edge, an as-stamped spine, and a rounded and unground tip. We've provided the option to bring them up to our standard.

The only thing wrong with this example is some small worm holes in the wood of the handle.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will:

-Flush the scales with the tang

-Finish the edge to a thin convex, brought all the way to the point

-Grind the spine square for tinder shaving and fire steel striking

-Shape the tip to a fine point


1070 High Carbon Steel

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Technical Information

Overall Length: 16 and 7/8"

Blade Length: 12"

Thickness: 1.25mm

Weight: 10.6oz

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