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Svord Kiwi Trapper

Svord Kiwi Trapper

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The Svord Kiwi Trapper is a little longer than its cousin, the General Outdoors Knife, and features a slightly slimmer blade with a nice fine clip point. The longer reach is advantageous when batoning or using the blade as an improvised draw knife. You can easily choke up on the spine to use the belly at the point for skinning, and when cutting in tight spaces the slim blade remains very maneuverable. An excellent knife for a wide range of tasks, whether around the farm or at the camp. Comes with a heavy-duty rubberized fabric sheath.

This lovely knife is a great budget selection for camping, bushcraft, or survival (or even for honey-do projects!) but comes a little rougher and more obtuse in the edge than we prefer. We provide the option to bring them up to our standard. Select the Special Grade option and we'll thin and convex the factory "V" grind for increased performance out of the box!

For those curious, the tang is 3/4 length, over 1/2" wide, and features a hole in the end and cutouts along its length for an inseparable bond with the polymer handle.


15N20 High Carbon Steel

Rubberized Fabric Sheath

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Technical Information

Blade Length: 6 & 1/2"

Overall Length: 12 & 1/4"

Thickness: 3/32"

Weight: 9 oz

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