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Seymour Midwest 20" Bush Blade

Seymour Midwest 20" Bush Blade

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While we are critical of these Austrian-made blades for not being true to classical American form, they do have some notable redeeming qualities to them: they are light, thin in the web, acceptably hard, yet also rapid to hone. As such they make excellent blades for the novice scythe user to learn with or for those desiring a particularly light blade of the hardy American-esque pattern.

This grass blade is a good choice for tackling dense and heavy growth up to thumb-thick green saplings. The short, wide blade prevents taking too deep of a bite by accident, and allows the blade to pass fully through thick stalks before reaching the corrugations of the bead and rib. With the tang angle adjusted, it may be used as a trimming blade for working in tight spaces.

If selecting the "Ground and Honed" option the edge will be made ready to mow. A light burr will be present from grinding and polishing of the edge that will come off in the first few honing sessions during use.

If selecting the "Angle Adjusted" option we will heat and bend the tang by approximately 10° to lower the lay of the blade in use. For users of average height this will bring the lay of the blade low enough for acceptable lawn use and other close-cropped mowing if used on a Seymour No.8 aluminum snath. If mowing in very rough terrain, cutting lots of challenging growth, or of shorter stature we suggest omitting this option. If of above-average height or being paired with a snath of lesser curvature than the No.8 snath a stronger angle may be desired. If you would like a greater angle than the default 10°, please write us at to discuss your requirements!


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Heel to Toe Length: 16 and 1/2"

Overall Length: 20"

Weight: 1lb 12oz

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