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Rinaldi "Calabria" Axe

Rinaldi "Calabria" Axe

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The Calabria pattern axe is a real favorite of ours. The straight bit, while not as deeply penetrating, is more efficient at connecting repeated blows and allows for very rapid felling. Featuring a linear wedge-like (but narrow) taper from the bit to the eye, this axe makes for a good light all-'rounder for both chopping and splitting tasks. The ample, broad haft allows you to either use it as-is or to carve the handle down to your tastes. The eye is tapered and the handle slipped through the top like the handle of a tomahawk or pickaxe, making it easy to fashion a new one in the event of breakage. 700g head.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.

Important Note: On this model only it is very common for the handle-to-head fit to have see-through gaps in the eye despite being a secure fit, and the obverse side of the handle to have a slight gouge in the wood from the fitting process. While these are cosmetic issues we normally consider as "Grade B" in other models, they are common enough with this model that they are considered as normal. Examples that are worse than normal are still given "Grade B" designation.


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Technical Information

Head Dimensions: 4 and 1/4" x 7"

Overall Length: 31"

Weight: 2lb 6.8oz

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