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Replacement Loop Bolt for Patent Snaths

Replacement Loop Bolt for Patent Snaths

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While many methods of affixing a scythe blade to its snath have existed, the most ubiquitous style for the American pattern is certainly the so-called "patent snath" or loop bolt variety. The tang of the blade passes through the bolt and then tightened to cinch the bolt into its slot in the mounting collar, giving a very secure and tight fit. Unfortunately it is all too common to find good old snaths that are rendered useless by the absence of this critical part. These modern-made loop bolts are made for the Seymour SN-1 Grass Snath but can be used on the collars of many other snaths, either as-is or with some slight filing to adjust the fit.

If a slot is too small for the bolt either the sides of the bolt may be filed smaller or the slot in the collar that receives the bolt may be filed larger. Often a combination of the two is preferable to maintain the greatest strength in both components. An invaluable bit of hardware for anyone looking to restore an old snath!

Will fit a slot approximately 1/2" x 1 & 1/2" 7/16"-14 bolt size.

Made in the USA!


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