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Pettit Estate Trimming Blade

Pettit Estate Trimming Blade

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We were made aware of a large stash of new old stock blades from various famed Oakland, Maine scythe makers, and the current owner was kind enough to give us the honor of consigning the blades among them that are without major historical significance. These blades are from that collection.

Quite uncommon, but extremely useful, these blades are like grass blades in build...just very short! Phenomenal for cutting along foundations, along garden paths, between raised beds, around woodpiles, and any other circumstance in which a compact and nimble little blade is of advantage. Averaging a mere 12-16" and of solid steel (unlaminated) construction, these are a real dream of a trimming tool.

We normally come across only isolated examples of this sort of blade and have largely considered them too precious to make users of, but a large enough cache of these blades in assorted short lengths and both blue and green paint colors were among the Pettitt estate collection that we decided to put a number of them up for sale so that others may enjoy the benefits of having one of these little dynamos among one's arsenal.

Measurements below are taken from the blade shown in the image, and the one you receive will vary, but be of similar style.

Length: 13"

Weight: 0lb 14.4oz

Width Across Center: 2-1/8"

If selecting the "Ground and Honed" option the edge will be made fully ready to mow. A light burr will be present from grinding and polishing of the edge that will come off in the first few honing sessions during use.

If selecting the "Angle Adjusted" option we will heat and bend the tang by approximately 10° to lower the lay of the blade in use. For users of average height this will bring the lay of the blade low enough for acceptable lawn use and other close-cropped mowing if used on a Seymour No.8 aluminum snath. If mowing in very rough terrain, cutting lots of challenging growth, or of shorter stature we suggest omitting this option. If of above-average height or being paired with a snath of lesser curvature than the No.8 snath a stronger angle may be desired. If you would like a greater angle than the default 10°, please write us at to discuss your requirements or include them in the comments field of your order!


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