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Mora Pro Robust -- Full Flat Grind Mod

Mora Pro Robust -- Full Flat Grind Mod

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A Mora Pro Robust modified to a full flat grind for increased cutting performance. We get asked to do these a lot, but have had very little time to tackle the work in recent years due to other projects! A rare chance to get a look at what Moras could be like if they offered them with performance grinds. This example has been left with enough of an edge shoulder to still be quite a tough knife, but is now considerably thinner, allowing it to bite deeper with much less effort, and to sharpen faster and with less pressure. The spine has also been squared to allow for scraping of tinder or firesteels. Please do note that this regrind places its emphasis on performance while preserving economy, rather than cosmetics, and some scratches and irregularities may be visible. Actual knife shown.


1095 High Carbon Steel

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Technical Information

Overall Length: 8 and 1/4"

Blade Length: 3 and 5/8"

Thickness: 3.2mm

Weight: 4.2 oz

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