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Lansky Continental Scythe Stone

Lansky Continental Scythe Stone

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This handy stone is of fast-cutting medium grit and very useful for field touch-up or repair of dull and damaged edges on a wide range of tools such as machetes, scythes, or shovels. The tapered ends allow for a comfortable grip and good access to edges with recurved profiles or other difficult-to-sharpen shapes.

The form of the stone is much like the intersection of two large-diameter grindstones (think like the intersecting region of a Venn diagram) and if used with a rolling stroke can be used to maintain hollow edge bevels such as those found on scythe blades while the flat broad faces may be used to sharpen tools with flat or convex edge bevels, and it is for this reason in particular that they are our favorite form for an all-around sharpening stone.

This stone is particularly an advantage over a file when working in the field or other circumstances where you don't have access to clamping devices to secure your work piece. A stone does not suffer damage from chattering strokes or back-and-forth "scrubbing" like a conventional file would.

Made of aluminum oxide in the USA by Lansky.


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Technical Information

Length: 9 and 1/4"

Width: 1 and 1/2"

Thickness: 1/2"

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