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IMACASA 5lb Round Eye Axe -- Head Only

IMACASA 5lb Round Eye Axe -- Head Only

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A real beast of an axe, popular in places where real work needs to be done and a big axe may be your only steel tool. The slip-fit "round" eye (more of a squat teardrop to prevent rotation of the handle) allows for easy and expedient field-fashioning of functional, if inelegant, handles from green saplings using nothing more than the head itself. Shown here on a rasped-down pickaxe handle to demonstrate a recommended hafting method. A great chance to experience an axe style often used hard, far from civilization, and not often seen in the USA.

These axes have a "courtesy grind" from the factory, which removes some material to speed up the final sharpening by the end user, but is not yet actually sharp. If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge and deburr the eye.


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Head Dimensions: 6 and 1/2" x 8 and 3/4"

Head Weight: 5lb nominal

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