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Gen 2 Prototype Polymer Wax Cream Polish

Gen 2 Prototype Polymer Wax Cream Polish

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Everyone and their uncle has a proprietary wax polish these days, but none met our personal needs and preferences--a hard, clear, highly hydrophobic wax that was long lasting, and softer in texture than usual paste waxes while still being non-toxic when fully dried and cured.

Most waxes on the market are beeswax-based, which is soft and tacky at room temperature, and breaks down over time into acidic compounds. This wax, a blend of microcrystalline paraffin for toughness and adhesion and polyethylene wax for high temperature resistance and hardness (even harder than carnauba) is our attempt at capturing the qualities we desire. Formulated with quick-drying, high grade VM&P-grade naphtha as the solvent, this wax polish is about as soft as very warm butter, and applies much like an oil and buffs to a bright (but not plastic-y or obnoxious) shine. While the solvent means we don't recommend it for use on food contact items like cutting boards, wooden spoons, etc., the constituent waxes we used are food-contact safe, and the high evaporation rate of the solvent makes retained solvent in the finish unlikely. 

For best application, use just a dab and apply as thin of a layer as possible before buffing with a clean cloth. Because of the high solvent content, how little is needed per application, and how rapidly it evaporates, this wax is best purchased in small quantities for it to best maintain its texture, and we've packaged this in a 1/2 oz (~15ml) capacity screw top aluminum tin. This is our second test run of the blend we thought would provide the best results, and will be making adjustments to refine our ratios of wax and solvent in future test batches. If you purchased our Gen 1 wax, this blend is a little firmer and higher in polyethylene wax content, with less solvent, resulting in a firmer (but still quite soft) texture.


VM&P Naphtha, Microcrystalline Paraffin Wax, Polyethylene Wax

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