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Friedrich Dick

Friedrich Dick Ultralight Machete--Serrated

Friedrich Dick Ultralight Machete--Serrated

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For quite some time we carried and sold the #333 insulation knife by Mora of Sweden with the edge re-tuned for use as an ultra-light machete, until Mora decided to discontinue the model. Fortunately we stumbled across this little gem to replace it! The 12" spring-tempered stainless steel blade features a full flat grind (unlike the Mora) for deep-biting cuts and good rigidity in the spine. The ergonomic polypropylene handle is injection molded directly to the tang for a perfect bond and superb durability. Perfect for slashing light brush and vegetation, and surprisingly durable and effective in up to medium-weight chopping of woody targets, though it is best applied to situations where finesse is of greater importance than brute chopping ability.

This serrated version features a "right-handed" serrated chisel grind. While less well suited to chopping woody targets, it is particularly good at cutting vegetation and weedy growth. Many old American corn knives/hooks featured serrated blades for just such a purpose.


X55CrMo14 High Carbon Stainless Steel

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Technical Information

Blade Length: 12"

Overall Length: 17 and 3/8"

Thickness: 3/32"

Weight: 6.8oz

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