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Friedrich Dick

Friedrich Dick "Rifle" Steel

Friedrich Dick "Rifle" Steel

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A rifle is a type of long sharpening stone used on knives and tools, usually made with a flat piece of wood comprising the handle and core with abrasive grit bonded to it in an oval cross section. These were commonly carried as field sharpeners for keeping a keen edge on a variety of knives and tools.

This lovely tool from Friedrich Dick, sometimes referred to as a "Balkan steel" is shaped very much like one of these rifles but functions like a fine-cut butcher's steel. The broad oval cross section provides phenomenal surface contact with the edge for rapid work, and the flat form allows it to be comfortably field carried in a 12" machete sheath, unlike most steels with their bulky hilts. The rings on the handle form a guard that can lay flat when not in use, though we prefer to forgo the measure and remove the rings with a set of common household pliers.

The edge produced by this tool is absolutely terrifying, while also removing only the very bare minimum of metal required. Functions well with any edged tool soft enough to be worked with a file--which is the majority of field knives and tools. Works great on scythes, machetes, fixed blades, and folders! The most impressive field sharpening tool we've encountered for "working tools" in a LONG time.


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Technical Information

Length of Cutting Surface: 10"

Overall Length: 15"

Thickness: 6mm

Weight: 15.6 oz

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