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Friedrich Dick

Friedrich Dick 9" Trimming Knife--Extra Wide Blade

Friedrich Dick 9" Trimming Knife--Extra Wide Blade

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This large and broad slicing cleaver is one impressive tool, and a favorite here at Baryonyx Knife Co.! The full flat ground blade is of true taper, meaning that the region closest to the edge is beautifully thin, allowing for neat and easy cuts with minimal effort. Intended for trimming meat using a rolling slice, this knife functions just as nicely on vegetables, and performs almost like a hybrid of a chef's knife and a Chinese chef's cleaver.

The broad and rigid blade makes for a number of advantages, including improved tracking during the cut for uniform slices, ease of bracing the blade against the knuckles for rapid chopping, and easy scooping of cut food off of the cutting board for transfer to the pan or pot! A lot of interesting tricks can be done with this useful tool, and the Ergo Grip handle is exceptionally comfortable. A very interesting and affordable knife that's hard to put down!


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