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Customized Seymour No.1 Grass Snath

Customized Seymour No.1 Grass Snath

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Note: Due to the custom hand-assembled nature of this item, expect a roughly one-week lead time before shipping. This may be longer during the peak mowing season.

A Seymour No.1 snath assembled to order for your mowing conditions. While Seymour's currently produced aluminum snaths are essentially good to go out of the box (other than a few minor tweaks we perform on the ones we carry) their No.1 wooden snath is produced with a fatal flaw: the hafting collar is attached crooked, causing the arch of the snath to face back towards the user. This causes a number of problems, including having the arch strike the wielder in the knees and thighs during the stroke.

Since Seymour oddly doesn't feel compelled to correct this easily remedied manufacturing error, we've arranged with them to purchase these snaths un-assembled and do the fitting ourselves. In addition to allowing us to fit the collar in the proper orientation, this also permits us to more easily shave them down to significantly lighten them and smooth the taper, as well as fitting the nibs correctly. The result is a modern No.1 Grass Snath that sits head and shoulders above the quality that Seymour themselves has produced in decades.

The shown example has been given a slight forward offset to the arch, which aids in balancing heavy or long blades, and is delightfully light, at a mere 2lb 11oz. We suggest that the tang angle of blades intended for use with this snath be adjusted for a closer lay, as it does not have as strong of a bend in the neck as the No.8 aluminum snath.

Made with pride in the USA!


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Technical Information

Weight: 2lb 11oz

Overall Length: 59"

Natural Lift: 17°

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