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Council Tool

Council Tool Sport Utility Flying Fox Hatchet

Council Tool Sport Utility Flying Fox Hatchet

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A dynamic heavy hatchet with a hardened poll, the Flying Fox represents a novel hybridization of several championed historical patterns. The bit presentation, crisp heel and toe, and curvature are all neatly optimized for versatility in function. The deep poll assists in balancing the head on its nimble hickory handle, but also gives excellent clearance when using the hardened poll face for hammering tasks. Conforms to most competitive throwing hatchet standards, allowing it to also be used for the purpose.

If selecting the Special Grade option we will thin and refine the factory edge.


Steel Head

American Hickory Handle

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Technical Information

Head Dimensions: 3 and 3/4" x 6 and 3/8"

Head Weight: 1lb 10oz nominal

Overall Weight: 2lb 3.2oz

Overall Length: 15 and 1/2" (16" nominal)

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