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Cognet L'Ecurieul--"The Squirrel"

Cognet L'Ecurieul--"The Squirrel"

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A variant on the classic Douk-Douk knife, L'Ecurieul simalarly features its namesake embossed on its handle--in this case, a squirrel!

The spear point of the blade is reminiscent of Swiss Army knives, and features a slight hollow grind and nail nick for easy opening. Its simple design, consisting of only 6 parts (blade, handle, bale, spring, and 2 rivets) allows it to shrug off the hardest use and its slim profile carries easily in a pocket. The tang is a half-stop design which, combined with the strong back spring, provides a degree of safety against accidental closure.

This version features a bright, hard chrome finish on the handle for additional corrosion resistance and increased visibility. A very attractive and hard-wearing alternative to their traditional blueing.


AFNOR XC75 High Carbon Steel

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Technical Information

Blade Length: 3.7"

Overall Length: 7.9"

Thickness: 3mm

Weight: 2.4 oz

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