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Cognet "El Baraka"

Cognet "El Baraka"

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A regional variant of the standard Douk-Douk, the El Baraka features an embossed decorative emblem somewhat resembling a compass rose. This model was intended for sale to Islamic markets, and its namesake translates roughly as "blessing".

The Turkish clip point of the blade is ideal for general utility, and features a slight hollow grind. Its simple design, consisting of only 6 parts (blade, handle, bale, spring, and 2 rivets) allows it to shrug off the hardest use and its slim profile carries easily in a pocket. The tang is a half-stop design which, combined with the strong back spring, provides a degree of safety against accidental closure.

This version features a bright, hard chrome finish on the handle for additional corrosion resistance and increased visibility. A very attractive and hard-wearing alternative to their traditional blueing.


Steel: AFNOR XC75 High Carbon

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Technical Information

Blade Length: 3.7"

Overall Length: 7.9"

Thickness: 3mm

Weight: 2.4 oz

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