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Cognet Douk-Douk Classic--Blued

Cognet Douk-Douk Classic--Blued

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The Douk-Douk, named for the Polynesian mythic figure depicted on its handle, is a slim folding knife with a rich history that's made the same way today as when Cognet introduced it back in 1929. Intended as a simple, hard-use knife for the working man, it was exported extensively to the French colonies, where it saw great (and continued!) popularity.

The Turkish clip point of the blade is ideal for general utility, and features a slight hollow grind and an attractive arabesque electro-etched on its face side. Its simple design, consisting of only 6 parts (blade, handle, bale, spring, and 2 rivets) allows it to shrug off the hardest use and its slim profile carries easily in a pocket. The tang is a half-stop design which, combined with the strong back spring, provides a degree of safety against accidental closure.


AFNOR XC75 High Carbon Steel

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Technical Information

Blade Length: 3.7"

Overall Length: 7.9"

Thickness: 3mm

Weight: 2.4 oz

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