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BYXCO "Bull Thistle" Continental Scythe Stone

BYXCO "Bull Thistle" Continental Scythe Stone

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Don't let the name fool you--these stones are one of the most versatile shapes around for sharpening just about anything with a cutting edge!

This "Bull Thistle" series stone is carefully formulated from premium coarse synthetic ruby grit in a medium-hard ceramic bond. Ideal for setting a toothy scratch pattern on slicing tools, performing routine bevel maintenance to refresh edges rounded over from repeated honing, and repairing minor to moderate rolled and dinged edges. Absorbs and retains water extremely well, creating a thin film on the surface when fully saturated. Cuts fast, resists loading, but remains hard enough to resist gouging and excessive wear. Made with pride in the USA!


Synthetic Ruby (Aluminum Oxide)

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Technical Information

Grit: 116 Micron (FEPA F ~110 | ANSI 120 | JIS ~110)

Cut Finish: Coarse

Cut Speed: Medium

Bond Strength: Hard

Weight: 5.8oz

Length: 9"

Width: 1 and 3/8"

Thickness: 1/2"

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