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BYXCO Axe Handle Dowel Wedges

BYXCO Axe Handle Dowel Wedges

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An all-wood alternative to steel barrel wedges, these hard maple conical wedges are just the thing for getting that extra little bit of grip when dealing with a loose axe head, or even just ensuring it stays tight in the first place when re-hanging a head! Simply pre-bore a 3/8" hole in the top of the offending handle to your desired depth, and then drive the wedge home to exert spreading force in all directions. For an extra firm hold, a dab of wood glue can be put in the bottom of the hole before inserting the wedge. Makes drilling out the eye of an axe to replace a broken handle much easier than dealing with stubborn steel wedges!

Pack of 10 wedges. Made right here in Maine!



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Technical Information

Small End Diameter: 3/8"

Large End Diameter: 5/8"

Length: 1 and 1/2"

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