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BYXCO "Arctic Fox" Continental Scythe Stone -- "Grade B"

BYXCO "Arctic Fox" Continental Scythe Stone -- "Grade B"

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Don't let the name fool you--these stones are one of the most versatile shapes around for sharpening just about anything with a cutting edge!

Made from heat-treated blue synthetic sapphire crystals in a ceramic bond, they cut quickly yet leave a very fine finish. They absorb water readily and hold it well, leaving a thin layer of moisture on the surface to keep them biting without glazing. The resulting edges are not only shaving-sharp, but downright "tacky" with slicing aggression. Finer than any of the other scythe stones we offer, but no less rapid in their honing action. The medium-hard bond allows the stone to be used with firm pressure if desired, and to resist gouging when used to hone dinged or rolled edges.

The only thing wrong with these examples is varying degrees of chipping.


Blue Synthetic Sapphire (Aluminum Oxide)

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Technical Information

Grit: 22 Micron (FEPA F 360 | ANSI 400 | JIS 700)

Cut Finish: Fine

Cut Speed: Fast

Bond Strength: Medium-Hard

Weight: 5.8oz

Length: 9"

Width: 1 and 3/8"

Thickness: 1/2"

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