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Customized Beveled Jersey Axe

Customized Beveled Jersey Axe

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A deluxe hand-ground reworking of a Council Sport Utility Jersey axe for a high-performance geometry. The transition of the edge into the cheeks has been thinned down significantly and deep bevels added to the cheeks to create a more pronounced high centerline. This used to be a deluxe optional feature on most heads from major manufacturers back in the age of hand-forging.

The fit of the head has also been adjusted to eliminate a so-called "ninja shelf" below the head, the excess shoulder of the handle removed, and the wax scraped from the surface to aid in applying the finish of your choice to it. One of our dowel wedges has been used instead of the barrel wedge to eliminate steel in the eye during any subsequent handle replacement, and the cheeks of the head brought to a smooth satin polish for reduced friction in the cut.

Comes with one of our own sturdy PetroCor polymer masks!


Steel Head

American Hickory Handle

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Technical Information

Head Dimensions: 5" x 7"

Head Weight: 3.5lb nominal

Overall Weight: 4lb 10.2oz

Overall Length: 35" (36" nominal)

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